February 6, 2013

February, Richard the Third, Etc.

February is a month where you have to infuse your own interest into life while waiting for spring.  I like the month.  It's the premonition of hope for me.  But, it's always exciting when something comes along to make you feel extra Anglo-Saxon...like a story of finding a British King buried under a parking lot.

I bought this copy of all the Shakespeare historic plays in my favorite little bookstore in Rio de Janeiro. They have the best shop cat in the world.  It was a gift for Kip.  I later married Kip.  Good plan.  Richard, and all the Henrys stay in the family.  Whew!

August 18, 2012


It is August.  The final month of summer is a welcome state.  I am ready for ripening, harvest, and the descent.  I have taken a small sabbatical from posting, so here is the recap:

In April I worked on a new art line which was launched on the first of May.  Rivendell was already in full swing and has been beautiful, blooming, and busy.  I enjoyed all the family reunions, outings, and holidays.  I went to girls camp, and was subsequently called as Young Women's president.  {Dangerous!}  Kip and I have continued to settle into the new place and many flowers have been potted up.  It's been busy, nice, charming, and a bit tiring.  A week and a half ago Kip and I pressed the slow-mo button.  We plan on soaking up the next week or so before his semester starts.  I've also given into my first smart phone and began instagraming.  {bethbrower is my instagram name}  

After taking the young women rock climbing, I discovered a small path in a neighborhood orchard and spent some time soaking up peaches and the irrigation.

Happy August.

April 17, 2012


 I have been MIA for a few weeks...and even missed my Friday Door.  Which is pretty unforgivable.  Well, there are two reasons for missing posts that you should be posting.  Either you are letting yourself get distracted with other things, or...you are working on an exciting, but time sensitive project.  I am working on the later.  I will tell you about it.  May 1st.  But I will do a Friday door this week.   I have been having a blast actually working on this new project.  There seems to be an aura of happiness and excitement about as I work hard to make this dream a reality.  Whew.  

On another note, spring is here and in full bloom.  One of my favorite binders that I've created is this multi-covered chevron.  Charming and with just the right amount of bounce in the colors.  Sigh.  

April 3, 2012

The Lorflor Project

I adore the Lorflor Project.  Each Monday Lorien {Lorflor} creates a new original piece of art, then she posts it on her blog and anyone can come along and give it a title.  After much deliberation she choses which title fits it best.  And the person whose title is chosen gets a free print of the work.  At the end of the cycle {I believe it will be fifty or so paintings} they will be displayed in a gallery in Salt Lake City.  

The painting below was one that I won.   I am super excited to get my print and hang it in my office.  

 The Tangerine Curtain

Below is a painting I wish I could have won.  It's beautiful.  

Come check out this weeks painting! There is still time to submit your own title.

March 29, 2012

Turkish Tea Cup and Saucer

I have always had an affinity for Turkish and Persian patters and the colors that go with them.  I find that I can live quite comfortably with them.  I wouldn't mind picking this little set up.  Someday I will.

Speaking of colors and patterns, it's always a good sign when you load your dishwasher and are so charmed that you need to take a picture.